The Strongest Card

Belive it or not, Steelix from Stormfront is the strongest official card made. If you counted jumbo cards, Shadow Lugia might tie. Steelix does 100x the number of heads. You get to flip a coin until you get tails. His other attack is not very good at all. He has 130 HP. WHY DO ALL STEELIX HAVE TO HAVE A RETREAT COST OF 4?! Oh yeah there is one that does not have 4. IT HAS 5!?!? IM'A FIRIN' MAH LASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I sometimes do that.

                      The Second Strongest Card

Master Hand and Crazy Hand is the second strongest official card. This dynamic duo crashes everything! Plus... They have 200 HP. That's even more than Steelix! Plus with mighty attacks. Weakness is Fire. No biggie. And this Colorless Type Pokèmon is resistant to other Colorless Pokèmon. Crazy! With a free retreat if you want to return it anytime. A very destructive card.